Jungmann Industries

Corporate culture



Our quality awareness encompasses all aspects of striving for the ultimate user experience. We develop not only the most professional safety products, but also offer outstanding customer advice and the best technical service.



With constantly changing demands on our products, we always update our own understanding of the market. We continuously analyze the advantages and disadvantages of our products in customer applications and then adapt them to our customers’ requirements. The combination of quality awareness and flexibility results in an accumulation of technical experience which we then use to continuously develop our products.



In a market with extremely tough product and price competition, efficiency is an additional value-added service that we offer our customers. We feel called to help you gain a foothold in the market.

Industries for hygienic valves

Industries for industrial valves

Airtight without lifting

The upper closed structure ensures that the valve is not accidentally opened and the medium discharged by external forces under any circumstances, this has at the same time a protective effect on the stability of the operating pressure of the device.


With pneumatic lifting

These valves are equipped with a piston-type pneumatic lifting mechanism. Here, an upward movement of the pneumatic piston is generated by an external compressed air inlet, which lifts the valve core. This allows the opening and closing of the safety valve to be controlled externally.